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Euravia's Eurability, Exceptional PT6 Support


EURABILITY™ – Euravia’s ability to offer sustainable support to our Customers for over twenty years Euravia has launched multiple key initiatives aimed at offering our Customers a personalized service, which guarantees a quick turn-around-times, value for money and more importantly, immaculate quality. EURABILITY™ is Euravia’s ability to deliver products and services, synonymous globally with cost effective airworthiness. Euravia is committed to a long-term and ongoing continuous improvement programme, which is supported by the valuable feedback we receive from our customers and business associates. 2008 saw the opening of our brand new high-tech Customer Services Department, which is underpinned by Euravia’s Engineering, Logistics and Quality functions in order to further improve our support package for all established customers. This new PT6 facility encompasses the following innovative services:

Euravia Price Shield (EPS™) 

Provides operators with ‘No Risk’ pre-receipt pricing for PT6A, PT6C and PT6T engine overhauls and repair.

Engineering & Technical Support™ (ETS™)

After sales troubleshooting, training and technical support to improve in-service reliability.

Supply Chain Excellence™ (SCE™)

A sophisticated programme that warrants just-in-time deliveries and dependable products.

Smart Fleet Management™ (SFM™)

Value For Money Robust, Objective and Professional services.

The BuySmart™ (TBS™) Advantage

Ensures Customers receive certified, high quality parts, at the best possible prices. When overhauling your engine we only use OEM aproved parts for maxximum cost effectiveness and efficiency.

The LeaseSmart™ (TLS™) Advantage

 Provides cost effective availability for exchange or outright engines and APUs. The above initiatives are designed to offer you, our Customers, state of the art MRO solutions throughout the life of your engines. 

EURABILITY™ starts with your first request for quotation, your first induction and continues with a dedicated Whole Life Support™ (WLS™) programme. This gives you protection, total support and complete peace of mind while you are our Customer.

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