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Euravia's Price Shield, assistance for your PT6 engine maintenance, repair and overhaul


Taking into consideration today’s economically challenging environment, Euravia has upgraded its Price Shield Programme (EPS™).  Euravia’s Price Shield Programme offers peace of mind and a structured assurance to our customers concerning the repair & overhaul cost of their engines.

Euravia’s Price Shield (EPS™) provides PT6 operators with ‘No Risk’ pre-receipt pricing for PT6A, PT6T and PT6C engine overhauls. Euravia is recognises that, when budgeting for upcoming PT6 engine overhauls, one of the biggest operator concerns is the variance that exists between pre-receipt quotations and final post-inspection quotations and invoices. 

Euravia’s aim is to offer realistic quotations, based upon the information provided by our customers.  At Euravia we are committed in providing objective quotations that will reflect the actual invoiceable value after work is completed.   

Euravia’s name is tantamount to reliability and cost-effectiveness; and the EPS™ is aimed at building that relationship with operators.

How does EPS™ work? For scheduled overhauls, EPS™ protects the owner / operator with a pre-receipt, not to exceed overhaul price or fixed overhaul price.  The EPS™ minimises the financial risk and enhances budgetary planning.  Euravia’s EPS™ includes all parts, labour and testing without hidden costs with no suprises when the invoice is received.

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