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B17F Capabilities

A compact, reverse flow turboshaft engine

The Rolls Royce M250  engine, originally designed by Allison Engine Company for the US military under the designation T63, is a compact turboshaft engine capable of delivering 420 shp. The Allison 250 engine, or Rolls Royce M250 engine, is designed for both rotary and fixed wing applications and is a highly successful modular turboshaft engine. The turboshaft version of this engine is used in the Bell 407 GXP and the turboshaft configuration is used in the Grob 120TP.

The B17F variant is the latest of the M250 family of engines capable of delivering up to 450 SHP at take-off and 380 SHP at cruise.

Euravia North America is an FAA/EASA approved repair and overhaul facility. At our facility in Glendale, Arizona we have been an MRO operation supporting the M250 engine series for over 16 years. The units Euravia North America specialise in are the  B17, C20, C30 and C47 turbines. We have focused operations on gas turbine engines and are unsurpassed in quality and cost effectiveness.

Our capabilities on the M250 engine series are;

  • Overhaul
  • Repair (Engine, Components or Accessories)
  • Hot Section Inspection
  • Borescope Inspection
  • Sales
  • Exchange
  • Rental/Lease

For more information about on the M250 capabilities and engines please click on the contact us form on this page.

Engine Details

Rolls Royce
OHC Facility
Euravia North America
Aircraft that use this engine
Grob G120 TP


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