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PT6A-11 Capabilities

Multi-operation PT6 Engine

The Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-11 turboprop engine; used in the Piper Cheyenne 1A and the Piper T1040 aircraft. This PT6A-11 is a lightweight "free turbine engine", using two independent turbine sections, gearbox and compressor. This engine is self sufficient thanks to the gas generator moving oil around the system providing lubrication for all areas of the engine and maintaining pressure for the propeller pitch and torque meter. The PT6A-11 is a variant of the -27 model fitted with a PT6A-20 reduction gearbox. This PT6 engine is flat rated to 500 shaft horsepower for takeoff at 2200 propeller rpm. Euravia perform a range of operations on this engine; including repair, overhaul and inspection.

Additionally, Euravia Engineering delivers an extensive range of Design and Post Design Solutions. To find out more, please contact us on the form.

Engine Details

Similar to PT6A-21 except derated.

Basic HSI
Basic TBO
Part Name
Turboprop Engine
OHC Facility
Part Number/s
Technical Data Document/s
3030443 (OHM)
3030444 (IPC)
Aircraft that use this engine
Piper Cheyenne IA


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