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PT6A-11AG Capabilities

The agricultural version of the PT6A-11

The PT6A-11AG is used on the Air Tractor AT402A and 402B this small PT6 variant is the epitome of reliability and fuel economy. The same as the PT6A-11 except for use in agricultural aircraft.Thanks to the addition of corrosion protected hardware and certification for unlimited operation on diesel fuel, it is an ideal engine for the rigours of agricultural aircraft use. Euravia offer all MRO options on this engine model.

In addition to this, Euravia can provide exchange and rental units of this engine type whilst your core unit is being Overhauled at Euravia.

Engine Details

Similar to PT6A-11, intended for agricultural aviation. Permissible rotor component lives, overhaul, inspection intervals and fuel requirements are listed in P&WC Engine Service Bulletin Nos. 12102, 12103, and 12144 respectively.

Basic HSI
Basic TBO
Part Name
Turboprop Engine
OHC Facility
Euravia, Kelbrook
Part Number/s
Technical Data Document/s
3030443 (OHM)
3030444 (IPC)
Aircraft that use this engine
Schweizer AG-Cat Turbine
Air Tractor AT402A
Air Tractor AT402B
Piper T1040


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