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PT6T-3B Capabilities

Maximum efficiency from the most reliable family of turbine engines.

Manufactured by Pratt and Whitney Canada in Quebec, the PT6T-3B engine is the workhorse turboshaft engine for medium sized helicopters around the world such as the Bell 212 and Huey UH-1N. With reliability and fuel economy driven by the latest technologies this engine continues to be regarded as one of the best. Combining two PT6 engines with a common output gearbox this PT6T or TwinPac model can produce up to 2000hp at 6000 rpm. The clutch arrangement allows for the unit to operate as both single and dual engine giving more control to the pilot. In addition to sales for this turboshaft engine, Euravia engineering have the approvals for the following on this engine.

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Inspection & Test
  • LCF Disk Change
  • Mobile Repair Team
  • Hot Section Inspection
  • TBO Extension
  • Clutch Inspection
  • Purchase
  • Exchange

Alongside these core services, Euravia delivers an extensive range of Design and Post Design Solutions. These include component and engine life assessment, reliability studies, component improvement programs and specialist tooling. For full details click on the contact form to make a servicing enquiry.

Engine Details

Similar to PT6T-3 except for single power section contingency ratings and PT6T-6 compressor turbine components.

Basic TBO
Part Name
Turboshaft Engine
OHC Facility
Euravia, Kelbrook
Part Number/s
3015300 (TwinPac)
3017600 (Power Section)
3024780 (Gearbox)
Technical Data Document/s
3017043 (OHM)
3017044 (IPC)
Aircraft that use this engine
Agusta Bell Model 412
Agusta Bell Model 212
Bell 212
Bell 412SP
Bell 412HP
Bell 412EP


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