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PT6T-3DF Capabilities

Increased performance from the Hot Section for this reliable turboshaft engine

The PT6T-3DF is the workhorse turboshaft engine, similar to the 3DE model apart from it has an improved Hot Section hardware for increased TBO and engine ratings. This engine series is utilised in the popular Bell 412 EP series helicopter. The PT6T engine consists of two identical "free turbine" powerplants these drive a single output shaft via a reduction gearbox. The sections to the unit are;

The Gas Generator section includes the component for air intake and compression and subsequent combustion. 

The Power Turbine Section and Exhaust which houses the compressor turbine components.

The gearbox and accessories and governor section. 

Euravia has the capabilities to 

  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Inspection & Test
  • LCF Disk Change
  • Mobile Repair Team
  • Hot Section Inspection
  • TBO Extension
  • Clutch Inspection
  • Purchase
  • Exchange
  • Turboshaft Engine Sales

all of the parts in these engine powersections and gearbox.

Alongside these core services,

Euravia delivers an extensive range of Design and Post Design Solutions. These include component and engine life assessment, reliability studies, component improvement programs and specialist tooling. For full details click on the contact form to make a servicing enquiry.

Engine Details

Similar to PT6T-3DE except for improved hot section hardware to allow for increased ratings.

Basic TBO
Part Name
Turboshaft Engine
OHC Facility
Euravia, Kelbrook
Part Number/s
3122951-01 (TwinPac)
3122952-01 (Power Section)
3117180-01 (Gearbox)
Technical Data Document/s
3040593 (OHM)
3040594 (IPC)
Aircraft that use this engine
Agusta Bell Model 412
Bell 412SP
Bell 412HP
Bell 412EP


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