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engine type ESN TSN TSO TSR availability
PT6A-60A Engine PC-E95557 6,471 0 Sold
PT6T-3 Turboshaft Engine Power Section CP-PS60486 1,738 1,628 0 Sold
PT6A-42A Engine PC-ERM0012 1,328 0 0 Sold
PT6A-21 Engine PCE24830 6944 3093 0 Sold
PT6T-3DF Gearbox CP-GB TJ0206 10,954 2,488 Sold
PT6T-3DF Power Section CP-PS TH0852 7,509 0 Sold
PT6T-3DF Power Section CP-PS TH0704 8,319 0 0 Sold
PT6T-3B Power Section CP-PS 62692 7,046 Sold
PT6A-64 Engine PCE-111026 4,360 0 Sold
PT6A-41 Engine PC-E80647 11,890 Sold
PT6A-42 Engine PCE-PJ0313 10,678 Sold
PT6A-67B Engine PCE-PR0070 13,984 150 Sold
PT6T-3B Power Section CP-PS TB0164 2,205 0 Sold
PT6T-3DF Gearbox CP-GB TC0123 4,029 0 Sold
PT6A-42 Engine PCE-94268 9,140 2,361 Sold
PT6T-3DF Power Section CP-PS TH0713 3,720 0 Sold
PT6T-3DF Gearbox CP-GBTJ0057 10,726 Sold
PT6A-27 Engine PCE-PG0136 12,155.12 0 Sold
PT6A-27 Engine PCE-51274 14,684 0 Sold
PT6T-3B Power Section CP-PS 63288 747 0 Sold
PT6T-3B Gearbox CP-GB 2746 1,657 Sold
PT6T-3B Power Section CP-PS 62697 10,446 0 Sold
PT6T-3B Power Section CP-PS 63251 1,101 Sold
PT6A-27 Engine PCE-42482 9,399 707 Sold
PT6A-27 Engine PCE - PG0270 10,189 Sold
PT6A-41 Engine PCE-85209 13,303 0 Sold
PT6T-3DF Power Section CP-PS TX0179 4,296 Sold
PT6T-3B Gearbox CP-GB2643 3,833 0 Sold
PT6T-3B Gearbox CP-GB1219 10,836 35 Sold
PT6T-3D Gearbox CP-GBTJ0205 10,294 2,717 Sold
PT6T-3B Power Section CP-PS63385 8,872 0 Sold
PT6A-114A Engine PCE-17480 7,200 0 Sold
PT6A-42 Engine PCE-93688 5,428 2,436 Sold


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  • All PT6 and M250 engines are offered, subject to prior sale, ex-works Euravia
  • Delivery costs per purchase requirement, unless otherwise stated
  • Engines will be released with either EASA or Dual Certification
  • Warranties are applicable to Overhauled and Repaired units only
  • Pre-delivery performance test & inspection can be performed on request
  • All units are sold in accordance with Euravia’s Standard Terms & Conditions

If you are looking for any PT6 or M250 engine that does not appear in the list above, then please contact us.

We would be delighted to hear from Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A/PT6T/PT6C operators or helicopter engine operators with Rolls Royce M250 units to sell. Please click on the form on this page to make a further enquiry.

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