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Rolls Royce M250 Overhaul

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

The Rolls Royce M250 Turboshaft engine has been supported for over 16 years at Euravia North America, a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Centre of Excellence

Euravia North America, based in Glendale Arizona is a fully air-conditioned facility that is used in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of the Rolls Royce M250 turboshaft engines (RR250). From the 27,000 square foot, purpose built centre, Euravia North America has a variety of in house capabilities including CNC machining, vacuum furnace brazing, thermal spray, coatings and two engine shops. Building on the Euravia reputation for quality in these departments, the team at Euravia North America are focused on delivering FAA DER approved repairs. Over 85% of the internal M250 repairs are performed onsite. The facility has an extensive inventory of parts to aid the quick turn-around of projects, whilst customer engines are off wing, Euravia offers lease and exchange programs on compressors, gearboxes and turbine modules to ensure customer operations are maintained. With each item being repaired onsite, this allows Euravia North America to have some of the quickest turn times in the industry just when the customer requires it most.

Rolls Royce M250 Overhaul

The Rolls Royce M250 Compressor

The M250 turboshaft engine was initially developed by the engine manufacturer Allison for the US military for use in light observation aircraft. Further developed in the 1960’s the turboshaft version was chosen for the helicopter application and entered production as the M250 and has a long history of powering some of the world’s most successful helicopters.

The engine itself has accumulated over 250 million flight hours and Euravia North America are proud to have supported these engines for over 16 years. 

Rolls Royce M250 Overhaul

The M250 Turbine Assembly

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