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The 2500 Hour Clutch Gear Inspection

Friday, November 17th, 2017

The 2500 hour check is an Overhaul Inspection of the Clutch Gear components within the Reduction Gearbox (RGB) assembly.

The 2500 Hr periodic Inspection requirement is a mandatory inspection of the Clutch Gear Components on the PT6T-3BE & BG & also the PT6T-3D, DE & DF RGB’s.

This is an Overhaul Inspection of the Clutch Gear components within the Reduction Gearbox (RGB) assembly only, no other components/parts within the Reduction Gear Box (RGB) Assembly are checked. This inspection cannot be performed at field level due to the Clutch Gear assemblies being made up of several parts, all which require Overhaul shop level inspection including None Destructive Testing (NDT).

The traditional way to have this inspection performed would be to remove the complete RGB from the Twin-Pac/Helicopter and ship to an Overhaul facility capable of performing this work-scope. This causes operators lost flight time, additional work and expense. Depending on where the Helicopter is located, this could be anywhere between 2-5 weeks in lost operation.

Euravia offer operators a cost effective solution which minimises the aircraft downtime to as little as 1 Day. This is achieved by exchanging the complete Clutch Gear assemblies with an Overhauled condition (OHC) ‘Ready to install’ assembly of which Euravia carries in stock at all times. The stock at all times includes a set of Clutch Gear components in OHC/New condition which have been assembled and are ready to install into an RGB.

Euravia have the capability to access the RGB and remove the complete Clutch Gear Assemblies without removing the RGB from the Helicopter. The OHC is installed and the RGB re-assembled. This process can be provided anywhere in the world by expert Field Service Teams with minimal ground support necessary.

The operator only has to do minimal preparation to the aircraft prior to the Euravia MRT arrival, this could be accomplished on the evening prior to the work and requires only the Oil Cooler Matrix and the Oil Cooler Blowers being removed. The Euravia Mobile Repair Team (MRT) will perform the rest of the procedure and is usually completed within one day. Further to this, a night shift can then reassemble the aircraft and potentially be ready for flight the following day. The economic benefits of this are enormous and have a positive effect on any flight operation.

Euravia MRT personnel have over 18 years of experience in ‘On-Deck’ 2500Hr inspections, have many civilian and military operators who choose to use our exchange system to provide them with this quick and cost effective solution.

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