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What is an MRO centre?

Friday, October 27th, 2017

What is an MRO centre? Find out more about Euravia Engineering and the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations.

When sections of an aircraft and components are sent for repair, they are sent to an MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) centre. For Euravia, this term specifically refers to the activity of PT6 engine maintenance. Euravia, from 2 locations in the UK and North America, overhaul and repair the Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6 engines and the Rolls Royce M250 engines.

The Euravia UK MRO Head Office

What happens in an MRO Centre?

For all aviation engines, the OEM will specify in its manuals a time limit that the engine can operate for before requiring an overhaul (TBO).  Each engine model is different and when this time occurs, the engine is uninstalled from the airframe by the flight engineers and shipped to the MRO facility.

As engines are shipped into Euravia, they are first of all stripped and inspected in line with the diagnostic advice from the flight engineers and pilots of the craft. Once this process has been completed, all parts from the engine are then inspected by a dedicated team and separated into damaged and that require repair, those that cannot be repaired and those which require no overhaul or maintenance work. On each engine received by Euravia, on average there are over 300 separate parts that are processed by our inspection team. Of these parts around 150 are individually logged onto the parts database and inspected for damage.

Anything that cannot be repaired or overhauled is tagged and replaced by an equivalent overhauled OEM part and installed on the engine. The remaining parts are forwarded to the repair department and treated so that they conform to exact standards.

Once all of these processes have been completed, the engine is rebuilt by our experienced technicians and handed to the test cell department to ensure performance is within certified guidelines. Once this is complete, then engine is prepared for boxing and shipping.

Test Cell At Euravia

What do Euravia do that is different?

Euravia offer a range of engine maintenance solutions designed to avoid the high costs associated with an engine overhaul. We offer only OEM parts and our services include flat rate overhauls, fixed price exchanges and a pay by the hour program. By offering custom built to order engines we take into account an operator’s environment and location meaning every one of the programs can be tailor made to customer requirements.

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