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Computerised Solutions


From the development of sophisticated real time computer applications for Configuration Control and Technical Documentation Control or Fleet Management, to the design and manufacture of special-to-type tooling, Euravia can offer a value for money analysis or design solutions to ensure that you are first to the future. 

Developed by Euravia, Delta  (Design Engineering & Logistical Technical Analysis) is an advanced interactive configuration control and logistical analysis tool. The system integrates technical documentation, configuration control data, reliability statistics, repair instructions, design specifications, stock data and costing information and allows users to access comprehensive, reliable, technical information and perform component analysis from a single integrated screen.

Delta can be configured to provide an on-line alternative to hard copy technical documentation for absolutely any engine, component or airframe. Delta is a low cost, efficient and reliable engineering tool that provides technical and cost analysis capability from a single CD-ROM, compatible with any PC. 

This product is used widely be large Defence Organisations and offers unparalleled benefits in support of first line of defence and large transport aircraft engine programmes. Delta II™ aims to increase reliability and life expectancy of engine components, while also offering extensive technical support, which ensures that all required specifications, processes, tools, parts, etc. are used effectively to meet airworthiness requirements and ensure flight safety in a cost effective manner. Delta II™ is an easy to use software solution, which is ideal for complex and demanding engine and aircraft system programmes. 

Engineering & PDS Capabilities

  • Reliability Analysis
  • Modifications 
  • Reverse Engineering 
  • Component Improvement Programmes (CIP) 
  • Qualification Testing Life Assessment & Technical Validation 
  • Repair Scheme Development
  • Computerised Configuration Control Systems 
  • Technical Documentation Validation 
  • Tooling Design, Testing and Manufacture 
  • Own MRO Management Intelligence System (Empire™) 

Euravia offers extensive Engineering, Design and Post Design Services (DS & PDS) to operators and large defence organisations. 

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Computerised Solutions