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Euravia Engineering, design and support offering over 30 years of innovation and quality.


Euravia offers extensive Engineering and Post Design Services (PDS) support to operators and large defence organisations.

  • Reliability Analysis 
  • Component Improvement Programmes 
  • Qualification Testing
  • Life Assessment and Technical Validation 
  • Development of Modification and Repair Schemes
  • Reverse Engineering   

Reliability Analysis

At Euravia, we analyse the core reason(s) behind each component or accessory failure, rejection or abnormal wear event. Retrieved data is codified, classified and entered into Euravia’s Reliability Database (RRD) for statistical and trend analysis to reduce or prevent future recurrence. 

Component Improvement Programmes (CIP) 

Reliability review results are studied by Euravia’s engineers and proposals for improvement are introduced via Euravia’s CIP, which are then agreed with our customers. Euravia’s CIP has resulted in impressive improvements and cost savings for our customers.

Qualification Testing

Euravia, with its skilled engineers and state-of-the-art computerised test cell data acquisition programmes, can also offer clients extensive testing and qualification studies. Euravia provides this service to existing clients, OEM’s and other organisations.

Life Assessment & Technical Validation

Euravia’s Quality Credentials and diverse engineering capabilities means that we can offer life assessment and technical validation studies, which include technical documentation and drawing reviews. These studies are considered as vital in reducing the cost of ownership of our customer’s engines and / or APU’s.

Development of Modification and Repair Schemes

As a result of the above engineering activities, Euravia has gained valuable experience, which is used in developing innovative repair schemes and modifications. These schemes and modifications do not only improve product reliability, but also offer substantial cost savings. Reverse Engineering  Euravia can apply its in-house skills and knowledge base to resolve critical operational problems through innovative reverse engineering activities. 

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