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PW100 and PT6 Fuel Nozzles


Euravia offers Overhaul and Maintenance for PW100, PT6 and PT6C Fuel Nozzles, complimented by extended reliability, cost-effective prices and certified by Euravia’s EASA Form 1 / FAA F 8130 Dual Release Certifications.

What PT6 Fuel Nozzles are; 

These accessories ensure optimum fuel consumption and engine efficiency, protecting and enhancing your engine’s life expectancy and reliability. They are located at 14 locations around the Gas Generator case of the PT6 engine. Each fuel Nozzle sprays a fine mist of fuel into the engine. As time passes the shape of the spray becomes less cone shaped and can have streaks, spitting, void areas and also may be skewed. At Euravia any fuel nozzle overhauled is stringently checked for those deficiencies to the highest level possible. 

Euravia’s PW100 Fuel Nozzles ensure optimum operation of the engines – minimising wear and tear of high-cost replacement parts in the Hot Section of your engine.

As with all our other exceptional engine services, our goal is to deliver increased fuel efficiency, power and temperature margins.  Euravia delivers sustainable high-quality results, excellent turnaround times and cost effective prices.

Euravia also offers exchange service of PT6 and PT6C Fuel Nozzles to keep the down time of your aircraft to a minimum. The service is certified by EASA Form 1 / FAA F 8130 Dual Release Certificates. We offer the fastest turn-around minimising the disruption to your services.

  • Ensure optimum fuel consumption and engine efficiency
  • Enhance your engine's life expectancy
  • Fixed repair prices 
  • 300/600 hour service checks
  • Industry leading 3 day dock to dock service
  • Improved reliability and cost-effective operation
  • Minimise wear and tear of high-cost replacement parts in the Hot Section
  • Latest PT6A 140 fuel Nozzles

Download a PDF price list here.  

Euravia also holds a large inventory of engine fuel system accessories, components and kits to ensure that we always meet your turn time and exchange needs.

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