We are committed to delivering affordable, reliable engines and APU’s that perform. Euravia’s test cell is equipped with computer control and data acquisition, a flexible dynamometer, plus electrical and pneumatic loading. We are able to test of wide range of turboprop and turbo shaft engines and APU’s accurately reproduced under operational conditions.

Test Cell Capabilities

  • Endurance Testing for Product Validation Certification
  • Performance Testing and Analysis
  • Cross Correlation Tests
  • Troubleshooting / Fault Analysis
  • 3rd Party Engine Investigation and Reporting
  • Test and Certification

Our Reliability Monitoring Improvement programs ensure that engines are delivered with performance optimum to the needs of your operation. Our test cell was designed with versatility and rapid interchangeability in mind. Our innovative test cell design enables us to access and change or adjust Nozzle Guide Vanes without the need to remove engines from the test cell, drastically reducing test times and achieving further savings for our customers. This flexibility, combined with, environmentally friendly 24-hour test capability, allows us to complete your engine test quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

We collect and store all test parameters from each test run, meaning that we are able to draw upon valuable historical data, which is extremely valuable when monitoring engine or APU performance over time.

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